Child of the World

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Dave Brosha Prints--40.jpg

Child of the World

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I wanted to do a night image that felt different. E.T. inspired, after I watched it again with my own children....but I felt like it was unique in the oft-photographed Milky Way field. I'm sure someone else has shot this concept - and probably better - but this image didn't come out of seeing anyone else's image and saying "oh, I gotta shoot that!". It came out of having an idea in the moment, and running with it.

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All prints are personally signed and numbered by Dave Brosha on art quality heavy matte paper and can be shipped anywhere in Canada or the world.


  • 11" by 14"  (series out of 150) - $99
  • 13" by 19" (series out of 150) - $159
  • 16" by 24" (series out of 50) - $229
  • 36" by 48" (series out of 10) - $750

About DAVE:

"One of the most celebrated creative photographers in the world" - Nikon

"One of the leading lights in the highly competitive world of North America outdoor photography" - Outdoor Photography Magazine