The Bayfield Brew

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The Bayfield Brew

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Although I wear different labels in my career as a photographer (as a photographer who has embraced different genres of the art) one of labels I wear proudly is "nature photographer".

To me, being a nature photographer comes out of a place of love from being outside, in nature, and being witness to the power and beauty it gives in a multitude of seasons and conditions. To me, there is no "perfect" time to create an image, no place in the world that is inherently any better than any other to go about the process of turning camera towards place and trying to capture something you feel connected with. I love travel, sure, and the way seeing the world opens up your view to different cultures, environments, and realities, but I get just as much satisfaction exploring the field behind my house with my camera as something the next town, province, or country over.

Over the course of my career, I've evolved from caring less about the "perfect sunrise", for example, and love to just stand in the fresh air of the moment and wait, with anticipation, to see what the world will offer. Which more often than not is pretty special, if you're willing to keep your eyes and your soul open. Whether it's the warmth of the sun or the whip of a wind or the dampness or a morning fog, each condition is special, and unique, and beautiful - in it's own way.

This image: photographed along the Bayfield, Nova Scotia shores. Our family has owned a tiny cottage in Bayfield for as long as I can remember. I can't count how many sunrises and sunsets I've seen in Bayfield, but this particular morning, the sun didn't paint the skies. Instead, the clouds danced their moody dance. Which in the moment of that morning, was incredibly beautiful...

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About DAVE:

"One of the most celebrated creative photographers in the world" - Nikon

"One of the leading lights in the highly competitive world of North America outdoor photography" - Outdoor Photography Magazine